Removes Battery Corrosion

Features and Benefits

Introducing Corrosion Gone, the latest addition to Anders carded product line

Consumer tastes are on the move and Anders products are moving with of them. Corrosion Gone now joins Wire Glue & KeyPad-fix as products which enabled your customers to get more things done.


Easy DIY Electronic Repair

Corrosion Gone also fits in with your customers’ green outlook on life: With a single jar Corrosion Gone your customers can refurbish many household electronic gadgets ranging from battery operated toys, digital cameras, test equipment, portable radios and everything else that runs on batteries.

Green Product

Your customers want to reduce their e-waste footprint and get more life out of their electronic gadgets: Corrosion Gone provides both.
Corrosion Gone makes fixing that corroded battery compartment a quick and easy repair. Laboratory testing of Corrosion Gone under actual use conditions has shown that repaired items last for years with battery compartments good as new.


Excellent Value

With a small investment for a jar of Corrosion Gone your customers can save hundreds of dollars by prolonging the life of their existing electronic gadgets. Literally dozens of items can be repaired with a single jar.


Proven Track Record

The product has been on the market since 2005 with thousands of satisfied customers, and now with this new carded format, which is now available for immediate shipment.

Step on board the DIY revolution and offer your customers this exciting new product, and watch your sales bottom-line grow and grow.