Removes Battery Corrosion


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How long will the repair last?

A. Repaired battery holders in a range of equipment from medical electronics through toys have been restored and put back into service with Corrosion Gone.   Generally the repaired battery holder will last as long as an undamaged proving the corrosion is not so serious to break down the metal parts of the holder.  When we have encountered aggressive corrosion, building back up the metal with a layer of solder has brought even the most damaged holder back to life.   Although one point you need to be careful is to not overheat a plastic holder while applying solder to the conductive tabs and springs.  The problem being that the heat can melt or distort the plastic battery enclosure.


Q. When using this product what do I need to watch out for?

A. It all depends of the level of the leakage.  In particular with digital cameras we have found that the battery corrosion can leak into the door hinge switch and mechanically block its action.  As a results the corrosion may be gone in the battery holder but the device still will not work until this corrosion is picked out with a tooth pick or needle.  If you find yourself in a situation where the product has produced a beautifully clean battery box yet still will not work, look around to see where the corrosion may have also leaked and keep cleaning.


Q. Can I use Corrosion Gone to repair the terminals on a car or marine battery?

A. Corrosion Gone has been specifically formulated to remove the corrosion from alkaline primary cells of the type found in most portable electronics, toys etc. but not the acidic corrosion from the storage battery in our car or boat.  Non the less, being the battery corrosion gone experts, the factory can offer advise on how to deal with storage battery corrosion so please contact us through the contact page on this site and we will be happy to help you out.